Whiskey and Wine

The era when wealth has been transferring into a new format – Exquisite Amber Liquid – The Liquid Gold.

Rare Malt Whisky not only brings wealth investment & asset accumulation, but also a luxurious aroma & lifestyle. Experience the investment in another sophisticated style.

Curated Distillery

Springbank 15 and 20 Years Old

Glen Grant 40 Years Old

Longmorn 42 Years Old

Macallan Distillery

MP3a Cask Strengthen(Macallan 2021 Classic Cut 51%) copy

Cask Strengthen (Macallan 2021 Classic Cut)

MP3b Traveller Exclusive (Macallan Terra 43.8%) copy

Traveller Exclusive (Macallan Terra)

Royal Distillery

MP4a Royal Brackla 46.0% copy

Royal Brackla 18 Years Old

MP4b-Glenury-Royal-49 copy

Glenury Royal 36 Years Old

MP4c Royal Lochnagar 40.0% copy

Royal Lochnagar 12 Years Old

The Peat

MP5a Ardbeg Corryvreckan (The Ultimate) 57.1% copy

Ardbeg Corryvreckan (The Ultimate)

MP5b Ardbeg Ten 46% copy

Ardbeg Ten

MP5c Ledaig 1996 Vintage 46.3% copy

Ledaig 19 Years Old

The Sweet

MT6a Sakura Sara Sara 11.0% copy


MT6b Mozart Liqueur copy

mozart liqueur

Silent Distillery

MP7a Littlemill 53.5% copy

Littlemill 26 Years Old

MP7b Imperial 44.2% copy

Imperial 28 Years Old

Strathisla 40 Years Old

MP7d Miltonduff 55.7% copy

Miltonduff 13 Years Old

MP7e Rosebank copy